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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Serendipity of Boating

Winter Carnavale in Chester CT.  In this bitter winter wonderland, complete with ice sculptures and layered-up tractor drivers, you wouldn't be able to guess that just a mile away is a collection of marinas set in snow.

This particular Sunday festival was just a happenstance of the boating life.  We figured that seeing our docks would give us the inspiration necessary to get through the next two months without seasonal depression, and it just so happened that our love of boating once again led us unawares into a fantastic spontaneous experience.

It happens all the time.  Just being a boater is adventurous enough, but call it what you may - we always seem to land ourselves smack in the middle of a ridiculously fun time.  Sometimes it's an unexpected place, sometimes an unexpected person, and in this case, an unexpected party!  But there's something about this boating thing - it just knows how to take you on a journey.

Chester is a surprising example of a New England town, complete with antique stores, art galleries, and many historical bars and restaurants.  Though small in size, its citizens were big in heart, pouring onto the town streets on a blustery, frigid day to celebrate the community.  It feels like Vermont with a slight Berkshires twist, and is certainly worth the visit from anyone passing by the mouth of the Connecticut River.

Since it's my hailing port, I'm unabashedly sure that more coverage will be forthcoming about the Chester lifestyle.  To my fellow northern boating brethren, remember that just because it's not summer, it doesn't mean that boating can't still bring us joy as long as we keep it on the mind!
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