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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clean, Clean, Clean Your Boat!

Clean Your Boat
Clean Your Boat! Courtesy: Collinite's

There’s a commonality that exists among the vast majority of boaters; they don’t just like cruising, they like cleaning too!

Anyone who spends time in the ‘boating’ section of your local bookstore will notice that nautical authors take great pride in how their boats look, how they’re maintained, and how often they work on their boats versus how often they sail them! 

However, don’t take this as some sort of community vanity; there’s a perfectly good explanation for wanting – no, needing – to look good!  Remember this: a clean boat is a happy boat.  What I mean is, a fiberglass hull that is buffed and waxed regularly won’t crack, blister or discolor in the sun and water.  A canvas that is treated with fabric cleaner and UV protectant won’t need replacing as often.  An engine that is constantly checked for wear and properly maintained won’t leave you stranded like a neglected engine will.  When you care about your boat and keep it clean and properly maintained, your hard work will pay big dividends in lost time on the water.  Even better – it could prevent a catastrophic and potentially dangerous incident.

You can even go so far as judging a book by its cover when it comes to boats and boaters.  Now of course it’s not 100% accurate, but generally the very best looking boats on the water have the most competent captains operating them.  It’s simple – any boater who cares so much about the maintenance of his or her vessel is also probably equally invested in boating education and experience.  These people obviously care about their time on the water!

Even if you hate vacuuming and dusting at home, you can have some great times cleaning and maintaining your boat.  Grab a few beers, get out in the sunshine, and give your boat a good bath every so often this season.  Better yet, convince your friends how fun it is and have them clean your boat for you!  Just make sure you take them out for a ride afterwards.
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