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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boat Reviews

Boat Reviews
Boat Reviews, 2013 PowerBoat Guide

Ladies and Gentlemen: I think I've hit the motherload.

Thanks to PassageMaker Magazine, I was recently turned on to the PowerBoat Guide.

If you ever wondered, 'hey, that boat looks great...I wonder if it's any good,' then this is your new favorite website.  The Guide comes in five different configurations depending on your need and budget.  You can purchase the complete book (all 3.5 lbs of it), the book and accompanying CD, just the CD, the digital PDF version, or you can look at individual reviews for free online.  

Here is an excerpt about the Guide:

First published in 1989, the PowerBoat Guide was originally conceived as a reference handbook for yacht brokers and dealers. Within a few years, however, the book found it’s way into the public domain, and it has been an invaluable resource for hundreds — perhaps thousands — of boat buyers ever since. Produced by experienced yacht brokers, the PowerBoat Guide has stood the test of time with marine industry professionals across the country.

Trust me - using this website is a far better alternative than hen-pecking the internet to gather loose information about a particular boat in question.  And if it's good enough for the surveyors, it's good enough for me!

While we're on topic, check out David Pascoe's website as well, Yacht Survey.  Read one or two articles of David's, and you'll quickly realize that he knows his stuff, and then some.  His expertise is truly stunning at times, and he has the commendable quality of being able to herald (or completely trash!) a boat in an entertaining and informative way.  In addition to posting reviews, he also has useful articles on boating in general.  His extensive list of articles gave me quite a few surprises - on one memorable occasion, I learned about a few chronic issues that changed my perception of a production boat that I previously thought to be seaworthy!  Pick a rainy day and take a cruise around his site...you won't be disappointed.

Bless these nautical souls who take the time to get these resources into the hands of us lowly captains-in-the-making.  Keep it up, boys!
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