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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Buff Magic

Buff Magic
Buff Magic! Shurhold even works on automobiles.

Well, the results are in.  After doing my research on polish and wax, I spent yesterday trying out Shurhold's Buff Magic and Pro Polish with the dual-action buffer.

Short Story: It worked!

Longer Story: The most difficult part of the day was getting started, since I was a complete buffing newbie.  So, the second side of the hull took a lot less time than the first side.  However, the Buff Magic was easy to use, and it took only about a fourth of the smallest size available to buff the entire hull from the rub rail down.

The only thing I had trouble with initially was the speed setting on the dual-action polisher.  Although the CEO recommends the 3-4 speed setting on his video, I found that the highest setting of 6 really brought the shine out of my hull.  And the hull on my boat is only a 2004, with little to no serious oxidation or issues.  But I was looking for the shine you see in that video, and 6 did the trick with little to no effort to speak of.  Just follow the directions, and watch it work!

Then I went through with the Pro Polish, and this process was super easy and quick.  It's a protective layer, so I'm glad I did it, but don't expect the polish to bring out a shine any more than the buffing already did.  In fact, although I followed directions exactly, and hand-buffed the crap out of the polish once I applied it, I would say it left a somewhat duller sheen on the hull.  Now listen, I'm maybe talking 1% duller, and it could just be that I had looked at it so hard for so long that I couldn't really tell the difference anymore (very likely!).

All told, these products were a fantastic investment, and all components worked as advertised.  When the first-mate showed up she said, "wow...that looks brand new!"  And, stepping back a few yards, it really did - right down to the previously-oxidized blue stripe.  NOW FOR THE GREAT PART: I arrived to the boatyard at about 9am, and I removed the shrink-wrap, washed the boat, buffed the boat, polished the boat, had a lobster roll for lunch down the street, put up the bimini top, put up the camper canvas, and cleaned up the entire scene - all under 7 hours.  I was done around 3:30, and my boat was lookin' good!  So, this stuff really works, and works fast.

Congrats to Shurhold on a job well done - from good marketing to great execution!
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