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Friday, September 19, 2014

Rocna Anchor with Roll-Palm Technology

Rocna Anchor
The All New Rocna Anchor
Nothing makes a boater happier than an anchor that actually...well, anchors.

I've read countless horror stories from the likes of Tom Neale and other renowned skippers who recount boats coming loose in the night and slamming into the bows of unaware vessels in the anchorage.

Talk about a bump in the night!

I've always been intrigued and skeptical of 'new anchor technologies,' but it seems Rocna may have itself a real winner with its latest attempt at its anchor resetting technology.

Debuting at IBEX September 30th, the anchor offers a 'Roll-Palm' at the rear of the fluke.  If you take a look at the pictures, you can imagine that if the anchor comes loose because the boat is pulling up on the anchor in the opposite direction of its intended secure pull, the anchor will glide around and reset quickly, whereas other anchors would drag on the dull end.

Savvy boaters will remember that Rocna came out with an anchor with a roll-bar to reset the anchor should it come loose; however, what the geniuses at Rocna didn't realize is that many boats can't accommodate a roll-bar protruding from an otherwise streamlined bow appendage (sorry Rocna, I just see so much bad engineering in the boating industry that it's inexcusable!  See other thoughts on bad design here.)

It seems this time that Rocna has something truly valuable.  For anyone who knows the first thing about how disappointing it is to spend a sunny weekend on the phone with a not-so-friendly insurance agent, it is obvious how much value an anchor like this can provide, so long as it works.

I, for one, would love to see a tank-test of this, captured on video and available for us boating-enthusiasts to see.  What do you think, Rocna?

Available in galvanized or polished stainless steel, the anchor comes in sizes from 9 to 121 lbs.

Learn more at Rocna.com.
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