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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Twin Disc Express Joystick System

Express Joystick System
Express Joystick System

When it comes to joystick technology, I have to admit I'm completely torn.  The true boater in me feels ashamed to want to even acknowledge marine joystick systems.  After all, why shouldn't we as competent skippers be able to dock the boat with traditional means?

Then again, a sailboater would say I'm a heretic for putting an engine in my vessel.  

So, let's put aside our personal thoughts about tradition and instead look at the possibilities with a system like the Twin Disc Express Joystick System (EJS).

Right off the bat, I can tell you I'd love one of these for two reasons:

a) If I slip and fall on my head and am unable to drive the vessel, truly anyone else on the boat can safely dock us without catastrophe
b) If there is serious weather (wind/waves/current) and a docking might be treacherous, this system would take any risk of calling my insurance agent out of the equation.

The greatest thing about this particular EJS system is that it can be retrofitted to diesel-powered, conventional driveline boats.  EJS claims there is no 'lagging, lurching or clunking,' which is something I've wondered about installations I've seen that just seem...mechanically unsound.

I could go on to bore you about QuickShift transmissions and Power Commander, but let's go to benefits instead.  The EJS can hook up to Twin Disc's Express Positioning system, which keeps a vessel either in a fixed position or on a fixed course - which is great for anyone who knows what it's like to physically take the wheel for more than an hour on the water.

I think technologies like this will make boating safer, easier, and more reliable, even for traditionalists like myself.  In any case, it can never hurt to have a system like this aboard.  

At the very least, it may pair well with the kids' PS3.

For more information, visit www.twindisc.com 
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