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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mochi Craft Are a League of Their Own

Mochi Craft Dolphin 74
Mochi Craft Dolphin 74
Any regular Knots and Boats reader knows that this blogger, if given the choice, would choose exceptional value over exceptional luxury.  With Mochi Craft, however, there are more than a few reasons to eschew tradition and instead opt for an 'I-have-arrived' kind of yachting experience.

Meet the Mochi Craft: exceptional yachts from 44' to 74', emblazoned with their dancing dolphin logo, and decked out in the most luxurious fit-and-finish any yachtsman could ask for.  
Mochi Craft Cabinet Door
That's right, this is a cabinet.  An awesome cabinet.
Readers will remember that we don't make much ado about cabinets, and yet here it is in all of its glory: the most beautiful cabinet I have ever touched, seen or smelled.  It was the very definition of elegance.  All throughout the boat were tiny touches of glory, as if an entire team was assembled to debate the storytelling abilities of a doorknob here, a grab-handle there, and supremely decadent trimmings everywhere.

Mochi Craft Door
Tough to see here, but this paneling motif was sprinkled thoughtfully throughout the yacht.
Mochi Craft Bunk
These linens were a soft-sensory experience to touch.
Mochi Craft Head
Take a look at the sturdiness of the glass shower stall doors, and the striking flooring.
Mochi Craft Toilet
Even this toilet was well-placed with ample room.
Mochi Craft Shower Stall
A shower fit for a King.  Touch the walls and behold texture.
Mochi Craft Panels
More high-touch door panels.
Mochi Craft Kitchen
A small but elegant kitchen, with complex wood trim everywhere.
Mochi Craft Woodwork
Check out the nautical wood trim around this vent.

Mochi Craft Cushions
The cushions all featured sturdy seams, soft-touch leather and pillowed designs for maximum comfort.

Mochi Craft Helm
A simple, but well-designed helm for serious cruisers.

Mochi Craft Bridge
What wealthy yachtsmen can see from the bridge of a Mochi Craft.
Admittedly, boats like these are a tough sell.  I compare the quality of Mochi to that of a Turkish-made Vicem, except that Vicem comes with an entire suite of feel-good offerings like the fact that they build massive oceangoing behemoth superyachts.  If I were in the market for a yacht the size of a Mochi Craft, but wanted to stay within Mochi's range, I would heavily consider going with the veteran Vicem for the same type of 'it took me 40 years to get my mansion in the Hamptons and now I'm going to enjoy it' effect.

Mochi Craft Cleat
To Mochi's credit, this organization of cleats and roller could be on display at a modern museum of art.
However, a strong case could be made for Mochi Craft by anyone who has set foot on one.  Sure, these yachts may be expensive, but wow are they decadent.  The styling is decidedly modern, save for the fact that the materials are as traditional as they come.  Mochi evokes the feeling of the newest technology wrapped in a golf clubhouse from the 1920s.  The space and design are more cramped than the current trends would define - as would anything with an early-20th century flare - but what it lacks in cruising comfort it more than makes up for in elegant nights out for you and several of your wealthiest friends.

Elegant Mochi Craft Cockpit
The elegant cockpit of the Mochi Craft
So, where does that leave us buyers?  This is a tough question to answer, as I couldn't quite put my finger on a niche that Mochi could own as I walked the boat at the Norwalk Boat Show.  I suppose your friendly neighborhood decamillionaire might consider a Mochi in league with a Hinckley, albeit without the Mercedes-effect of having a brand name that your Southampton friends would recognize.

Perhaps Mochi's uniqueness and Italian heritage would be enough to sway the buyers who wanted a little something different, but equally as elegant.  I'd actually be interested in hearing from Mochi owners what it was that swayed them to the brand.  Its website expounds the virtues of parent company Ferretti's technology, but all of these builders are rolling out exceptional features and technologies that have real benefits for all customers.

Regardless of whether Mochi would be your first choice or not, I want to make a strong case for trying to get onto one of these yachts on the dock.  And if you have the opportunity to set out for a sunset cruise aboard a Mochi Craft, ditch the kids, turn off the phone, and let nothing disturb your journey.

It might be the only experience you can't afford and can't afford to miss.
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