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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The ShoreStation Leaves Your Boat High and Dry

The ShoreStation at work.
Making frequent childhood trips to Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire meant a wind-whipping ride in my Uncle's Rinker cuddy-cabin.  I have vivid memories of turning a colossal wheel while lowering and raising the small vessel into and out of the choppy lake waters, and how satisfying it was to see his beloved craft held out of the elements.  Now as a boater myself, I wish my vessel could be lifted by one of these docking systems so the boat wouldn't get so scummy from your typical waterborne flotsam. 
Of note, ShoreStation has finally designed a system that helps boaters get their vessels safely into the center of their lifts, even in high wind and waves.  That would have meant lots more time sunning ourselves on the dock, and lots less time jostling the boat into place at the end of a long day on the water.
With its GlideRail and GlidePole load guides, ShoreStation has made the docking procedure quite elementary, with bowling-bumper-esque horizontal and vertical bumpers that gently guide the boat onto the lift.
ShoreStation doesn't just make this type of equipment; it also makes all things docking-and-landing, such as bow and motor stops, spring loaded centering devices, and specialized tritoon support/load guide combinations.  Everything they do is designed to protect your precious vessel, and any company that supports that pursuit is OK by me.
Visit www.shorestation.com for more information.
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